Life tips: 5 things that work well to you

1. Your action heal your fear!
- take an action to your problem. the real courage is to do something that you fear.
2. Do the highest effort to only fill positive thinking into your mind.
- dont let the negative thinking grow up to be a 'mental monster'.
3. Put others into the right perspective.
- dont ever judge anyone from his look. look deep at his soul.
4. Do what your heart says to you as the right thing to do.
5. Be confidence anytime.


Move your body!

Everybody who have finished anything in this world never wait untill their soul move their body; but their body move their soul!
A humorist have said the most difficult thing to do is to wake up from a warm bed in the morning then go to bathroom for taking a bath. Just throw your bracelet, then put your feet to the floor. That's an easy thing to do, but many people just arrange any reason for still laying in bed and make them being lazy.

Thinking Big

These thing will help you get to the right place that you could get in life;
1. Thinking big will take you to a great life.
2. Great life will take you to a great happiness.
3. Your great happiness will bring you living great in this world.
4. Your great living will be a living miracle to anyone.
5. Your living miracle will influence anybody to be the same with you.

Just start everyday with a great thinking. You are the master of your mind!

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