Life tips: 5 things that work well to you

1. Your action heal your fear!
- take an action to your problem. the real courage is to do something that you fear.
2. Do the highest effort to only fill positive thinking into your mind.
- dont let the negative thinking grow up to be a 'mental monster'.
3. Put others into the right perspective.
- dont ever judge anyone from his look. look deep at his soul.
4. Do what your heart says to you as the right thing to do.
5. Be confidence anytime.


Move your body!

Everybody who have finished anything in this world never wait untill their soul move their body; but their body move their soul!
A humorist have said the most difficult thing to do is to wake up from a warm bed in the morning then go to bathroom for taking a bath. Just throw your bracelet, then put your feet to the floor. That's an easy thing to do, but many people just arrange any reason for still laying in bed and make them being lazy.

Thinking Big

These thing will help you get to the right place that you could get in life;
1. Thinking big will take you to a great life.
2. Great life will take you to a great happiness.
3. Your great happiness will bring you living great in this world.
4. Your great living will be a living miracle to anyone.
5. Your living miracle will influence anybody to be the same with you.

Just start everyday with a great thinking. You are the master of your mind!

Don't wait untill tomorrow what you can do today!

Is the title clear for you? Have you ever heard that quote? Benjamin Franklin said that when he was still alive. Let's take it clearly, ussually we say; 'maybe tomorrow', 'i will wait untill tomorrow to do that' 'maybe next month', but it's always ended with nothing real action for our thought. It could be a time bomb that make you weak, disapointed and feel guilty. When you have a great thought about anything, try to make plan and make it real.

To help others

A guy told me that 'the best way to solve our problem is by helping others to solve their'
I used to be didn't understand with the message of that quote. But he told me, that there is one of benefit by helping other:

we will forget a while to our own problem. it's like a relaxing way from and 'little escape' from our problem. we will be less stressed, you have another thing better than being 'Mr. ME&ME' who is just focused to our own problem.


Say no to racism!

is race differences being a matter for you? if you say yes to that question, you could be still live in the dark ages. race equality is still becoming a topic that people talk about. some people still stand in their argument to measure their race is better than others. is white people better than black people? is coloured people worse than white? i don't find any reason to say it right. let's open our mind to race equality. together, we can!

Say no to homosexuality!

i disagree with the idea to legal gay marriage. the world is becoming crazy to accept some nasty thing like gay marriage. we have known the truth in bible that GOD do not aprove homosexuality. in fact it is a morality decreasing that has been shown since thousands years ago to make people blind about the truth. when people slowly accept it among their social life, it could involve them to be a part of that wrong way. we need to speak up!

Reasons to hate someone

what is the reason we hate someone? there are some reasons probably match with you:

1. he has a bad attitude. sure it makes you 'illfeel' to be next to him.
2. he has a point of view that opposite with yours. it makes a very bad result if you argue with him.
3. he force you to give you what he want. it has been clear, you can't accept that. it is important to be ourselves and reject anyone who push you to do something that you don't want to.

Love needs an action

when we are falling in love with somebody, sometimes it become so hard to tell what we feel. we become so diffirent, surrounded with weird feeling that makes us hard to tell what we want. but sometimes we make over reactions to express our feeling. even if it looks so difficult, we don't make a mistake to tell him that we have a feeling abott him. don't feel guilty to tell if you do that honestly from your deepest heart. love needs an action.


LOVE'S DESCRIPTION: weird mistery

love is a mistery, we can't describe it well...

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a matter of luck

Oh! love
Many believe that love is a matter of luck, and finally something liabilities, each of which would be capable spontaneously. Yet, as pointed out by the psychoanalyst Erich Fromm, nothing is more difficult than love: "There is hardly any activity, enterprise, in which it engages with the hopes and expectations as excessive , And yet fail as regularly as love "(The Art of Love, 1956).

For reflections on the erotic love or marriage, also added those on the love that parents bring to their children, so, again, things are far from simple, if one wants to admit that it is not enough to make children learn to love them.

Finally, the themes of personal development and self-esteem is very popular, and they are generally understood in the sense individualistic and selfish that permeates our society, love of self is also questioned, especially since , They say, we can not love others if we do not love oneself.

That is the meaning of this blog: to reflect and think about love (other, self), the couple, marriage, divorce, adultery, desire and sexuality, family, through my own reflections, lectures and research.

The self-confidence is sexy

The self-confidence is sexy ...

The self-confidence is a genuine aphrodisiac. The men love women who exude self-esteem, they are irresistibly sexy. Too bad that many women are plagued with doubt ...

How can we get more confidence for the next meeting?

Adopt a natural behavior, but more daring. At your next appointment, do you buy for example a new piece of clothing that you do not usually save - something elegant, which should highlight your sensuality.

Choose a place for your original dinner. If you are a pizza and beer lover, dare change of venue for a chic restaurant in town. It is certain that your attitude and your courage to appeal.

Dare to reveal your difference and keep mysterious. Flirt with your eyes and gently touch his leg. It will be stimulated by your seductive nature and very curious to know...


Would you like to fall in love?

Would you like to fall in love? In spite of what anyone says, if you believe in the love is there for you? Have you already heard this: nobody wants a commitment from these days, and everyone is married?

There are many negative sounds that will tell you that love could exist, but you'll probably never find. Do not assume them. Here are some of the ways you can fight off the messengers of hollow hope:

* Keep away from hopeless conversations.

Just because that is someone else's opinion does not mean that it should be yours. Look for the talks on the possibility that begin with words like: "I can," and "I will."

* Resist being manipulated by the media.

The media can whisper or scream that you should look or act in a certain way in order to attract someone. People who are overweight, bald, past the age of 50 years or more, driving a late model car, or wearing polyester suits and'60s meet and fall in love every day. So can you.

* Note the selective exposure.

People who feel and think in the same way begin to believe that this perspective is a collective right. If you think that there's nobody out there for you and you've collected on your five or ten friends who think the same way, you should be anchored in this belief, and you will act accordingly. Make a conscious effort to find and hang out with friends who have a possibility of faith and hope.

Build a bank of people who can resist the voices who say all the right track. In fact, the next time you hear that phrase, stand up and be heard saying: "Everything good can not possibly be gone, I'm still here!"


Are you happy? (4 tips to make love and happiness to be connected)

Most people make a spiritual connection of love and happiness in life. It is true that you can not be unhappy if you're in love! And if you lose that feeling of well being, that is when problems arise.
1) Stop Reasoning - People constantly reason with them about why they behave in the way they do. We ask us whenever we in the right relationship, and we feel better if we arrive at the conclusions of the reasons why the person who made the right one for us. If we stop reasoning with us in a way that can happen over a period of stagnation, we do not see the light of the company in the relationship.

This is the case, the relationship can turn ugly when an argument for the smallest eruptions of the reasons. When we are in a way broken zelven with us and with our partners we can begin to believe that it is not at all love, compassion and not just infatuation with the opposite sex.

2) Compromise - It is inevitable that sometimes you have arguments with other people, because you are bound to disagree with their ideas at a given time or another. When it comes to a large group of people the feeling of togetherness among them are harder to understand.

With couples, it's sad to see that a relationship break just because people realized that there are in fact issues on which they disagree. This is done in a couple sooner or later. The answer lies in the meeting halfway, and reaching a compromise on things that you do not agree on. But do not worry if you're the people who do not seem very close to each other, remain in the relationship. Different people show their love in different ways, and it need not be proved for some to know that their partner feel love for them.

3) forgive and forget - Love often turns to hatred, when the person we love hurts us in a sense. When this happens, we begin to be indifferent to your partner, which only leads to more pain. The better bet would be to forgive and to go hand in hand with your partner.

Let us face the fact that if you break a relationship on something that happened in the past, but you hurt yourself even more than what you already feel. We break relationships sometimes just to take against the other, but forget that we ourselves pain as well! So it is better to forgive and forget.

4) Spend Quality time - Make sure you spend quality time with your partner, so you never feel disconnected. Have a few laughs a day, and everything will be good.

let's try it!


Stop watching the news! (7 steps to positive thinking)

Almost every self-help books on the market has one thing in common - expressing the importance of a positive to increase their happiness and prosperity.

There have been many studies done on the power of positive thinking and conclusions show a mass amount of health benefits, without the need to remedy! Positive thinking is proven to reduce stress, help people live longer and improve the general well-being and ability to cope.

So, if it is so easy, why do they not live in a society of total bliss and happiness? The answer is that no one, nor yourself, wants to admit that they are negative. And if they can not admit that they are negative, then how can all change your lifestyle to be a positive?

The # 1 tip is to avoid negativity in your profile. Is it "I am lonely" or "my boyfriend was the last convulsion" such statements turn people off, making an easily circumvent your profile for one person, where it appears more in line with life, and himself / herself.

However, avoiding any negativity should not be only one issue for your profile. This should be a problem for his life. And with that in mind, here are seven steps to help you include the negativity of positive thinking:

Step 1: You have to admit Negative
The first step in your life can admit that they are negative or having negative thoughts. Whether you talk about coworker behind his / her back or belief you "can not" do something and contribute to non-healthy lifestyles.

Step 2: Remove the negative influences
Your environment began to reflect on who you are after time. So if you have friends or coworkers you hang with, who are always griping about his work, the boss, or life then begin to slowly weed that group of people and look for those who are positive and do not talk about others behind their backs. When you replace a negative environment on the one positive, which make huge strides in improving your lifestyle.

Step 3: Be determined to be Positive
Once you've admitted you are negative, or at least have some negative tendencies, you can resolve to change the way you think. Become aware of your daily thoughts and when the negative thoughts enter your mind, it is rapidly around. Instead of "I do not think I can do that," I think, "I love the new challenge and to win this one" or "I can not do that no matter how difficult." Instead, "I will do it later," think "By getting this done now may have to achieve." Eliminate words such as "can not" from your vocabulary and replace them with "can". Start to say positive things about other people. Start to think positive things about other people. "Wow, that's very nice that he / she did." When she presented was an opportunity to comment on someone else, refrain from saying anything bad.

Step 4: Replace Cola with water
Parts of the beverage you can drink the water. And by replacing chemical sugar-filled drinks and water, which will be massive improvements to your health. First of all, you are eliminating the sugar and caffeine who are so addicting, but bad for overall health. Second, you are increasing your water intake. Chemical-free natural water will improve energy, to eliminate toxins from your body, make your skin healthy looking for more, and improve their mental performance. How you can help, but do not become more positive with such changes in your life? Drink plenty of water - that is the real "miracle vitamin."

Step 5: Stop watching the news
Murder. Rape. Fraud. War. Daily news is often filled with nothing but negative stories and do when reading such material part of your daily lifestyle, you start to be directly affected by that factor of environmental protection. If you still needed dose of news, then tune in the station or a place that features "Good News", or check out good news blogs.

Step 6: Learn to meditate
Meditation allows you to clear your mind, lower stress, become more focused, and stay positive. It is a very positive and powerful medium. By taking only 15 minutes a day to think, that you will find the time for handling stress and a lot better. You'll also get a more positive outlook on life.

Step 7: Spread to others Positiveness
Put your new lifestyle positive thinking in action. Take the time to write in the top 10 things you love about your partner and give that list to him / her. When you experience good customer service, it needs time to write a note or e-mail to express their gratitude. Practice your positiveness spreading to others and to grow.

When you allow yourself to become immersed in a positive mindset, you will start to see the impact on other aspects of your life. For example, instead of feeling "inconvenienced" merging traffic, that will allow someone to simply merge in front of you and feel great about it. They may even wave or mouth "thank you". At the grocery store when you have a cart full of groceries and the person behind you has only one or two items of May you find yourself saying, "Please go ahead of me because you have only a few cases" and that the people of gratitude will make your day. You'll be actively thinking about others and your contribution to their positive experiences will have a big impact on your eternal happiness.

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