a matter of luck

Oh! love
Many believe that love is a matter of luck, and finally something liabilities, each of which would be capable spontaneously. Yet, as pointed out by the psychoanalyst Erich Fromm, nothing is more difficult than love: "There is hardly any activity, enterprise, in which it engages with the hopes and expectations as excessive , And yet fail as regularly as love "(The Art of Love, 1956).

For reflections on the erotic love or marriage, also added those on the love that parents bring to their children, so, again, things are far from simple, if one wants to admit that it is not enough to make children learn to love them.

Finally, the themes of personal development and self-esteem is very popular, and they are generally understood in the sense individualistic and selfish that permeates our society, love of self is also questioned, especially since , They say, we can not love others if we do not love oneself.

That is the meaning of this blog: to reflect and think about love (other, self), the couple, marriage, divorce, adultery, desire and sexuality, family, through my own reflections, lectures and research.

The self-confidence is sexy

The self-confidence is sexy ...

The self-confidence is a genuine aphrodisiac. The men love women who exude self-esteem, they are irresistibly sexy. Too bad that many women are plagued with doubt ...

How can we get more confidence for the next meeting?

Adopt a natural behavior, but more daring. At your next appointment, do you buy for example a new piece of clothing that you do not usually save - something elegant, which should highlight your sensuality.

Choose a place for your original dinner. If you are a pizza and beer lover, dare change of venue for a chic restaurant in town. It is certain that your attitude and your courage to appeal.

Dare to reveal your difference and keep mysterious. Flirt with your eyes and gently touch his leg. It will be stimulated by your seductive nature and very curious to know...

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