Move your body!

Everybody who have finished anything in this world never wait untill their soul move their body; but their body move their soul!
A humorist have said the most difficult thing to do is to wake up from a warm bed in the morning then go to bathroom for taking a bath. Just throw your bracelet, then put your feet to the floor. That's an easy thing to do, but many people just arrange any reason for still laying in bed and make them being lazy.

Thinking Big

These thing will help you get to the right place that you could get in life;
1. Thinking big will take you to a great life.
2. Great life will take you to a great happiness.
3. Your great happiness will bring you living great in this world.
4. Your great living will be a living miracle to anyone.
5. Your living miracle will influence anybody to be the same with you.

Just start everyday with a great thinking. You are the master of your mind!

Don't wait untill tomorrow what you can do today!

Is the title clear for you? Have you ever heard that quote? Benjamin Franklin said that when he was still alive. Let's take it clearly, ussually we say; 'maybe tomorrow', 'i will wait untill tomorrow to do that' 'maybe next month', but it's always ended with nothing real action for our thought. It could be a time bomb that make you weak, disapointed and feel guilty. When you have a great thought about anything, try to make plan and make it real.

To help others

A guy told me that 'the best way to solve our problem is by helping others to solve their'
I used to be didn't understand with the message of that quote. But he told me, that there is one of benefit by helping other:

we will forget a while to our own problem. it's like a relaxing way from and 'little escape' from our problem. we will be less stressed, you have another thing better than being 'Mr. ME&ME' who is just focused to our own problem.

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