Are you happy? (4 tips to make love and happiness to be connected)

Most people make a spiritual connection of love and happiness in life. It is true that you can not be unhappy if you're in love! And if you lose that feeling of well being, that is when problems arise.
1) Stop Reasoning - People constantly reason with them about why they behave in the way they do. We ask us whenever we in the right relationship, and we feel better if we arrive at the conclusions of the reasons why the person who made the right one for us. If we stop reasoning with us in a way that can happen over a period of stagnation, we do not see the light of the company in the relationship.

This is the case, the relationship can turn ugly when an argument for the smallest eruptions of the reasons. When we are in a way broken zelven with us and with our partners we can begin to believe that it is not at all love, compassion and not just infatuation with the opposite sex.

2) Compromise - It is inevitable that sometimes you have arguments with other people, because you are bound to disagree with their ideas at a given time or another. When it comes to a large group of people the feeling of togetherness among them are harder to understand.

With couples, it's sad to see that a relationship break just because people realized that there are in fact issues on which they disagree. This is done in a couple sooner or later. The answer lies in the meeting halfway, and reaching a compromise on things that you do not agree on. But do not worry if you're the people who do not seem very close to each other, remain in the relationship. Different people show their love in different ways, and it need not be proved for some to know that their partner feel love for them.

3) forgive and forget - Love often turns to hatred, when the person we love hurts us in a sense. When this happens, we begin to be indifferent to your partner, which only leads to more pain. The better bet would be to forgive and to go hand in hand with your partner.

Let us face the fact that if you break a relationship on something that happened in the past, but you hurt yourself even more than what you already feel. We break relationships sometimes just to take against the other, but forget that we ourselves pain as well! So it is better to forgive and forget.

4) Spend Quality time - Make sure you spend quality time with your partner, so you never feel disconnected. Have a few laughs a day, and everything will be good.

let's try it!

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