Say no to racism!

is race differences being a matter for you? if you say yes to that question, you could be still live in the dark ages. race equality is still becoming a topic that people talk about. some people still stand in their argument to measure their race is better than others. is white people better than black people? is coloured people worse than white? i don't find any reason to say it right. let's open our mind to race equality. together, we can!

Say no to homosexuality!

i disagree with the idea to legal gay marriage. the world is becoming crazy to accept some nasty thing like gay marriage. we have known the truth in bible that GOD do not aprove homosexuality. in fact it is a morality decreasing that has been shown since thousands years ago to make people blind about the truth. when people slowly accept it among their social life, it could involve them to be a part of that wrong way. we need to speak up!

Reasons to hate someone

what is the reason we hate someone? there are some reasons probably match with you:

1. he has a bad attitude. sure it makes you 'illfeel' to be next to him.
2. he has a point of view that opposite with yours. it makes a very bad result if you argue with him.
3. he force you to give you what he want. it has been clear, you can't accept that. it is important to be ourselves and reject anyone who push you to do something that you don't want to.

Love needs an action

when we are falling in love with somebody, sometimes it become so hard to tell what we feel. we become so diffirent, surrounded with weird feeling that makes us hard to tell what we want. but sometimes we make over reactions to express our feeling. even if it looks so difficult, we don't make a mistake to tell him that we have a feeling abott him. don't feel guilty to tell if you do that honestly from your deepest heart. love needs an action.

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